Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has expressed hope for the introduction of a salary cap in European football. He claims that all clubs agree on the issue and has spoken to the European Commission about bringing in such a measure. Ceferin said that "if the budgets go sky-high then our competitive balance is a problem," and that the future of football depends on "a collective agreement - every league and Uefa." He also stated that discussions have begun regarding the possibility of holding the Champions League final in the United States, but this would not occur until at least 2026.

Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin is enthusiastic about implementing a salary cap in European football, citing the agreement of all clubs on the matter. According to Ceferin, he has discussed the issue with the European Commission and talks have taken place about the implementation of such a measure. He also stated that the implementation of a salary cap is a collective agreement that involves every league and UEFA, and that the future of competitive balance depends on it.