Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish has called for UEFA to change the way it distributes Champions League money, arguing that the coefficient ranking system has contributed to a "two-speed Premier League" and enabled Europe's top clubs to become "entitled with winning". The Union of European Clubs (UEC) was launched in Brussels on Monday, aiming to represent over 1,000 professional clubs in Europe that do not currently have a voice in UEFA decision-making. The UEC believes that UEFA's position as both regulator and commercial operator is a conflict of interest, and Parish has called for a separation between those organising and regulating the tournaments.

Steve Parish, the chairman of Crystal Palace, has called for changes in how revenue is distributed in the Champions League by UEFA. Parish believes that the current coefficient ranking system has given an unfair advantage to Europe's elite clubs and contributed to the growing disparity between the top and bottom half of the Premier League. Speaking at the launch of the Union of European Clubs in Brussels, Parish argued that the 30% of Champions League revenue currently determined by coefficient ranking should be replaced by a system that ensures a more equitable distribution of wealth across all participating clubs. The Union of European Clubs aims to represent over 1,000 professional clubs in Europe and seeks to give a voice to those who currently have none.